Maxillofacial injuries, also referred to as facial trauma, include any injury to the mouth, face and jaw. While there are many ways that the face can be damaged, most often injuries are the result of accidents in the home or workplace, sports mishaps, automobile accidents or interpersonal violence. All facial injuries should be treated promptly as they concern areas critical to breathing, eating, speaking and seeing as well as to appearance.

What are the Treatments of Trauma Face Restructure?

Maxillofacial Surgery:

A dedicated branch of dentistry which focuses on jaw correction or repositioning is known as maxillofacial surgery. Also known as orthognathic surgery it entails surgical procedures to treat conditions, wounds, and flaws in your face, jaw, or mouth.

  • Your jaw’s bones and the tissues of your lower face (maxillofacial area)
  • Your mouth’s roof (palate)
  • Teeth.

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