When it comes to tooth brushing, certain approaches are more or less effective at removing plaque and preserving your oral health. Here are some simple tips that will ensure you’re reaping maximum benefits every time you brush your teeth.

Brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes at a time

I agree with most dentists that brushing teeth twice a day for at least two minutes is essential for oral health. I recommend tooth brushing just before bed and then one other time during the day. It has been proven that cleaning your teeth properly twice a day can help reduce tooth decay by up to 50%.

Choose the right brush

You might think the most effective way to remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth is to attack them with a hard-bristled brush. In reality, the best option for your oral health is a brush with soft bristles. That’s because softer bristles are more flexible, which allows them to bend into the nooks and crannies between your teeth and target hard-to-reach places.

Don’t brush your teeth after consuming acidic foods and drink

Using a toothbrush immediately after eating or drinking something acidic can wear away the enamel on your tooth. Once lost, enamel cannot be repaired.

Brush your tooth in a circular motion

Most people don’t know how to brush their teeth. Everyone should know brushing tips. Don’t brush your teeth in hardly also do brushing in a circular motion. When you brush your teeth side by side it was affected your tooth gum and This can cause gingivitis.

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